Jill Mirza was born in 1945. She studied Painting at Harrow School of Art, Camberwell, The Royal Academy Schools and Goldsmiths College. She has taught Art in Peckham, South London and at the Purbeck School, Dorset. Her son Joe was born in 1981 and in  1983 she left London to live in Swanage. Together with her partner Nick Harris she ran The Alpha Gallery in Swanage, from 1987  until the end of 2004. As well as showing her work in the Alpha Gallery, Jill has exhibited in various galleries in London and at the  Royal Watercolour Society Open at Bankside Gallery. Her work has also been on display at numerous Art Fairs, throughout the  country. She has written articles for several art magazines and has co-written a book ‘Mix Your Own Acrylics’.  
"Having trained at Art College within a traditional ethos, I am accustomed to working in a figurative manner. I found compelling the process of looking intently and recording accurately. My inspiration comes from round the Mediterranean where the light is  sharp and the architecture relaxed. The recording of observations, bought back home, arranged in photo albums or on  computer screens, recreates the experience, captures the essence of places in a way both personal and collective. These  ‘Souvenirs’, along with objects purchased in shops and markets come to represent the experience, and eventually to usurp it.  Making paintings becomes an act of reordering experience and devising self contained worlds. The images are visual diaries, but they are narratives recollected and reinterpreted at a distance." 
Jill Mirza